1026 Budapest, Orló utca 1.

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Émile – your friend in Buda.

For long time it has been our dream to create a culinary center in Buda. In 2014 we found this beautiful villa in Pasarét which was built between 1921 and 1928 and both exterior and interior walls have lived and seen a lot. The name of the place is after Gerbeaud’s first name so it is easy to connect it with its partner in Pest. Whether it is breakfast, business meeting, lunch, afternoon tea, family dinner, children’s party or take away cakes, Émile is the solution in Buda. In the villa a restaurant, a confectionery with a pastry shop and a café are also found, moreover there is a play empire for children at Émile dining room on the ground floor. Between spring and autumn, our guests could enjoy the amazing ambience of our garden where comfortable cabanas and family atmosphere provide relaxation for a romantic dinner, friendly or business meeting and family events.

Since 2000 Ágnes Tóth, our head chef has been passionately creating and cooking in the kitchens of the Gerbeaud units. She carries the need for artistic creation in her nerves, perfecting the harmony of food, and the love of home tastes as a mother herself. Tamás László, the manager of Gerbeaud’s confectionary units, keeps the traditional and eternal legacy of Gerbeaud slice and Dobos cake, while he awaits our guests with modern and innovative sweet miracles.

The knight in the logo is a knight registered in 1908, which was the knight of cocoa and it was drawn by Émile Gerbeaud himself.


On the first floor of the building you find the Salon where we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we also present cakes and wonderful ‘Emile afternoon tea’. The 45 seat Salon offers breakfast from Tuesday until Friday between 8am and 12 noon, between 12 noon and 9.30pm lunch is available, while ‘Emile afternoon tea’ is presented between 3pm and 6pm. During weekend the breakfast is served from 9am and on Sunday the lunch service finishes at 4pm.

Our guests can enjoy cakes, wines and cocktails during our opening times.

Tuesday-Friday: 8am-11pm, Breakfast: until noon, A la carte menu until 9.45pm

Saturday: 9am-11pm, Breakfast: until noon, Lunch from noon, A la carte menu until 9.45pm

Sunday: 9am-6pm, Breakfast: until noon, Lunch from noon, A la carte menu until 4pm

Monday closed, except only for private events



3pm – 6pm


For private seated dinner or lunch we are able to cater for maximum 50 guests.

Around one large table maximum 26 people can be seated, while using more tables we can set up for 40-50 people as well.

Outdoor events and receptions can be organized for up to 100 guests in our garden and with seated solution for up to 45 guests.

Our venue is perfectly ideal for business breakfast, dinner, press conference, workshop, wedding and family events as well.


We have set up our Petit Salon for private business meetings or smaller family occasions. We can accommodate up to 10 guests in this salon.


Émile’s dining room on the ground floor with the playing section and the open kitchen makes a perfect cozy feeling for family events.

We designed a big Children’s playroom on Émile’s ground floor with toys, mini kitchen, books and coloring books. This space is big enough for kids to play when they get bored with having meal with their parents. Furthermore, this is an ideal place for children’s party and also for organizing programs for kids. In Emile’s playroom the parents are also welcome to have their lunch, dinner, cake, coffee while their children are having fun.


We also welcome our guests on the second floor at the Separé, where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama by stepping out to the balcony. The room is ideal for smaller groups (12-16 people) and suitable for holding a family/corporate dinner, lunch, training or a smaller presentation.


At the entrance you find the cake shop where we offer cakes for take-away, as well as special handmade Gerbeaud packed products such as cat tongue, bonbon, cognac cherry bonbon, macaron.

In addition to our constant cake selection, we are delighted to make cakes and shapes based on unique ideas.

Tuesday-Saturday: 9am-8pm

Sunday: 9am-6pm


As the first sunny days rise, we welcome our guests in the Émile’s garden. On the cabanas you can enjoy the sunshine, bird chirping and a frozen mango margarita. During the summer on Friday evenings we have a barbecue, where guests can even do their own barbecue while enjoying live music.



Table reservation and cake order: (+36) 30 585 0602

1026 Budapest, Orló utca 1.

emile@emile.hu • www.emile.hu